About Us


Heterodyne Technologies provides cybersecurity expertise, services, and solutions to protect you from today’s most sophisticated attacks. We manage security in the context of risk, tailoring protections to your environment and developing responsive structures that adapt to changing threats, vulnerabilities, and needs. 

We follow security regulations, instructions, directives, and frameworks—including National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) risk management standards and the Risk Management Framework (RMF)—for fully compliant cybersecurity solutions. To improve your security posture, we analyze risks using available threat, vulnerability, and impact assessments and provide effective risk mitigation recommendations. Our solutions offer strong authentication, device hardening, a reduced attack surface, and the ability to detect and respond to potential intrusions to secure your environment. 

System management 

Heterodyne Technologies delivers mission-centric program operations support for National Security and Law Enforcement customers. We understand our customers’ operations, enabling us to consistently employ a mission-focused approach to management and programmatic support functions. Our efforts result in cost savings for our customers by establishing standardized business processes that provide a framework for accelerating information flows, eliminating errors, and increasing productivity, accountability, and compliance.

Heterodyne Technologies specializes in delivering impactful operations support to consistently exceed the demands of our customers. Our capabilities deliver efficiencies across all functional areas including business process analysis to streamline or automate legacy processes; policy development for highly sensitive national security programs; enterprise strategy development for cyber operations; and critical 24×7 programmatic support after terrorist events and mass shootings.

IT System Engineering 

Heterodyne Technologies delivers integrated, adaptable, and cost-effective enterprise IT solutions to meet your mission requirements and ensure superior operational outcomes. From installations to upgrades, we design our IT solutions and services to meet your current and anticipated demands for processing, storage, security, and resiliency—all while maintaining highly reliable, available services with continual service improvement.

We leverage our extensive experience in Federal environments to sustain and enhance your existing capabilities and protect your most sensitive information and assets. Our service delivery model focuses on integrated operational management, enabling you to effectively monitor, manage, and optimize your enterprise. It also provides a cooperative structure for planning and implementing new capabilities—from redesigned networks to virtualized servers and cloud environments—to minimize costs, maximize return on investment, and meet increasing demands for capacity and availability.

LMR / Radio  

Heterodyne Technology provides highly experienced LMR engineers with extensive hands-on experience in modernizing legacy LMR systems to today’s Association of Public Safety Communications Officials (APCO) Project 25 (P25) Standards. Our experience ranges from conducting site surveys and gathering site development requirements that meets R56 standards to designing, implementing, testing and maintaining complete nationwide or regional systems. We Support National Security and Law Enforcement customers with LMR infrastructure, Point to point (microwave), MPLS and Ring networks.

Heterodyne Technologies specializes in field radio communications systems which use portable, mobile, base station, and dispatch console radios in the VHF, UHF and 700/800 MHz ranges. Our capabilities can deliver OTAR (Over The Air Rekeying) OTAP (Over The Air Programing) and AES encryption. This will provide our customers with effective, reliable, and secure wireless communications capabilities to successfully carry out a wide range of enforcement, protective, and security missions.